Compulsory traffic insurance

What is Compulsory Traffic Insurance? Why Should We Do It?

Compulsory traffic insurance; It is an insurance that is obligatory to be made by every vehicle owner and that covers bodily and material damages that may be given to the other party at the time of damage.
Vehicles that do not have compulsory traffic insurance cannot be on the road. Compulsory traffic insurance does not cover the damage of the vehicle it is made, it only covers the damage of the other vehicle that it damaged. Vehicles that do not have compulsory traffic insurance or that have expired are processed (tied) in such a way that they are prevented from entering the traffic where they are seen.

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Compulsory Traffic Insurance Guarantees 

⦁ Financial per vehicle
⦁ Financial per accident
⦁ Death and disability per person
⦁ Death and disability per accident
⦁ Health expenses per person
⦁ Health expenses per accident

According to the type of boiler; “In case of material damage, in case of any loss of life, in case of injury.” Coverage limits to be paid change every year and insurance premiums to be paid also vary from year to year.


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